Events & Workshops

Meet your events & workshops needs in-person, or virtually. Locally based in Pasadena, NL, nestled in the Humber Valley, Spicer Facilitation has a proven global reach.


Join the not-for-profit community online networking event for an interactive discussion.  The community connection is an informal networking opportunity to connect with not-for-profit executive directors, boards of directors, support agencies and innovators.

Join our monthly entrepreneur coffee break networking online!


Research shows that an entrepreneurial ecosystem can thrive when entrepreneurs make regular contact with one another.

Networking using technology has changed the way we connect with others. Social networking is a gateway to connecting with others. Developing powerful networking skills using technology can increase job search opportunities. Join this interactive workshop and learn the importance of creating a social network, the impact of social media on networking and managing an online presence.

What’s your unique story? The first time you meet someone what is it you want to know? Her or his story. How well do you know your own story? Have you tested your storytelling and asked for feedback? Join this interactive workshop and improve your storytelling skills in testing and presenting your own unique personal and professional story.

Personal Development