Strategic Planning

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facilitates success by helping people, governments, and organizations to connect, build relationships, and achieve desired outcomes together.

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Economic Development Officers. Academics. Mental Health Advocates. Farmers. Airport Authority. Indigenous Tourism Operators. Researchers. Sheep Producers. Authors & Musicians. Wooden Boat Builders. Youth Advocates. Beekeepers. Housing and Homelessness Advocates.


All of these folks have something in common. Passion. They are passionate about the people they serve. The Not-for-Profit sector is a driving force behind community development, improvement to living conditions, and advocating for the marginalized and under-represented.


Not-for-profit organizations all develop strategic plans as part of good governance. Carole has developed an engaging process for Boards, staff and volunteers to contribute to decision-making process.


Beginning with a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, organizations can identify the issues they are currently facing. Using a variety of techniques, participants prioritize which issues to address in the upcoming agreed-upon timeframe. Typically this leads to three or four areas of focus. Goals, objectives and key indicators of success are identified. Lastly, mission and vision statements are developed along with values.


If desired, an organization can request a full strategic plan be developed and provided electronically to share with appropriate stakeholders.


Funding opportunities are available to help organizations subsidize the costs associated with this process. Be sure to visit here to learn more.

Strategic planning can be very overwhelming, but Carole made the process of identifying three key issues and coordinating goals much easier. Both myself and the board were very pleased with her facilitation skills and the outcome of the day. I would certainly use her services again and definitely recommend Carole to other organizations.

Jade Kearley

Interagency Coordinator, Community Mental Health Initiative Inc.