Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leaders recognize diversity is all around us; gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity to name a few.  Inclusive leadership is how leaders embrace diversity and create a culture of welcoming inclusion. Join this interactive workshop and learn the six signature traits of inclusive leaders based on research by Deloitte Insights.  In addition, you will have an opportunity to examine your own personal biases around diversity.

Who should attend?

  • All are welcome!
  • People looking to improve diversity and inclusion awareness
  • People looking to develop inclusive leadership

Learning Objectives

  • Define diversity and inclusion
  • Reflect on personal biases
  • Identify the six signature traits of inclusive leaders

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Unconscious bias
  • A diverse world
  • Signature traits of an inclusive leader
  • Summary

Delivery Options

This workshop can be delivered virtually or in-person. It can be delivered in one day or in two 3-hour sessions as desired.

Duration: 6 hours

View the Events Calendar for dates. Don’t see a date scheduled? Get in touch with Carole at to schedule your workshop.

Why does Inclusive Leadership matter?

Inclusiveness isn’t just nice to have on teams. Our research shows that it directly enhances performance. Teams with inclusive leaders are 17% more likely to report that they are high performing, 20% more likely to say they make high-quality decisions, and 29% more likely to report behaving collaboratively. What’s more, we found that a 10% improvement in perceptions of inclusion increases work attendance by almost 1 day a year per employee, reducing the cost of absenteeism.


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