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Embracing downtime. Image of a cat on a deck in between a woman's feet while she is holding a book.

Embracing Downtime

July 14, 2023 2023 has been an exceptionally busy year so far. When it unexpectedly becomes quiet, I find myself challenged to be embracing downtime! Cambridge Dictionary defines downtime as

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Family making a move

Making a Move

February 1, 2023 One of my former managers used to include in her training curriculum, “Children learn pretty quickly if you stand still in a video game you are dead.”

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A group of four women standing at a holiday mixer

Holiday Mixers

December 19, 2022 ‘Tis the season to attend holiday mixers. On a professional level, there are a lot of reasons why I attend them. A few weeks ago, in the

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Group of women standing front of a banner at a networking event

Accidental Networking

December 5, 2022 If chatting socially with a room full of strangers and casual acquaintances makes you anxious, perhaps accidental networking is for you! ‘Tis the season for holiday mixers,

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Using my hidden talents to introduce dignitaries

Hidden Talents

October 3, 2022 We all have hidden talents. Have you ever wondered what yours are? Mine allow me to be a successful businesswoman. Each of us is unique Have you

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Turning 55!

September 14, 2022 Today I am turning 55. Thanks to a media campaign years ago, this is the year I am supposed to attain financial freedom. Freedom to do what

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Meaningful Public Engagement

September 1, 2022 Meaningful public engagement can improve success. “A lack of meaningful public consultation set the industry back 10 years in this region.” I heard this statement recently during

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