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Spicer Facilitation offers multiple services to best achieve your goals. Based in Pasadena, Newfoundland and Labrador, nestled in the Humber Valley, Spicer Facilitation can meet your needs in-person, or virtually.

Carole is skilled at creating a safe environment for her clients to share and learn new skills and information. She prides herself on the ability to customize solutions to meet the unique needs of the people she works with. She is experienced in facilitating discussions with stakeholders that hold differing views. 

Carole is a member in good standing with IAP2 Canada, the International Association of Public Participation. She holds a Global Certificate in Public Participation. 

Public consultation is a legal requirement for many public bodies before approving policy changes, strategies or budgets.

Public consultation sessions held in the 9 Wards of Qalipu First Nation

Reviewing a strategic plan every three to five years is typical in many organizations. In-between formal reviews, organizations may require strategic discussions with key knowledge holders. This can be a daunting task; especially with new leaders or board members. A good approach to strategic planning is to understand your current situation.

Carole meets with all clients to discuss what exactly is the desired outcome and what success looks like. Is there a current strategic plan or is this a brand-new exercise? If there is a plan, have the goals and objectives been attained? How has the landscape changed in the organization, industry or community?

A facilitator can help determine who you serve, develop goals and objectives, identify values, and create mission and vision statements.

Strategic Planning for the Labrador West Status of Women Council

Professional development learning can be a very formal process, such as a workshop, or can be informal, such as networking and sharing ideas from like-minded professionals in a community of practice.

A variety of workshops and events are offered by Spicer Facilitation.

Learning can be customized to suit your organization and tailored for in-person, or virtual live facilitator-led delivery.

Add a learning event to your next conference, AGM or professional development day. Several workshops can be tailored to 30-, 60-, or 90-minutes to fit your agenda.

Virtual Service Delivery Workshops for Public Servants and Not-for-Profit Representatives

How effectively are you telling your story?  You might be…

  • … a start-up looking for funding to launch your business
  • …a not-for-profit determining your focus for the next few years
  • …an established business looking for a growth loan
  • …an entrepreneur seeking new markets

In all cases, how effectively you tell your story may be the deciding factor in being successful. From plans to portfolios to projections, I can help you tell your story.

Professional Documents to promote businesses and meet funders' requirements

How I make a difference.​

Strong relationships are one of my core values. I believe in building trust with my clients. I will work with you drawing on my experience to help you achieve your desired outcomes.