Public Consultation & Engagement

Spicer Facilitation

facilitates success by helping people, governments, and organizations to connect, build relationships, and achieve desired outcomes together.

Southern Hudson Bay Polar Bear Population management. Municipal amalgamation in Labrador West. Organizational review. Oil and gas exploration off the Eastern shores of Newfoundland and Labrador. Varroa mites. In-filling in Halifax Harbour. Cannabis.


“You must know a lot of stuff!” You would think Carole does; however, in reality, she is learning a lot of stuff. Her role as a facilitator is to elicit responses from the participants in the room. In many ways, the less she knows about the topic at hand, the more she can probe to find out more information. Sometimes an outsider with no stake in the outcome asking the questions can stimulate some robust dialogue.


When Carole meets with a client interested in stakeholder engagement activities, she asks two questions: “What is your desired outcome?” and “What does success look like?” She then develops a facilitation plan in partnership with the client using a variety of techniques to maximize engagement and obtain the desired outcomes.


Bringing stakeholders together to discuss differing perspectives can be challenging and controversial. A neutral facilitator can navigate the nuances of the conversation without swaying, or displaying a particular point of view.

Carole is extremely organized and utilizes extraordinary tools which encourages active participation. She listens to participant responses and captures, not only, what is said but also the context, perspective and concepts being discussed. She gives every individual an opportunity to participate and we were extremely impressed with her ability to guide us through, what we as a group thought, could be some daunting sessions.
Paul Connors
Executive Director, Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture