Ask Questions Effectively

Everyday we ask questions; yet, how effective are the questions we are asking? Gather the right information from others by asking effective questions. Join this interactive workshop and learn how to use different types of questions in different situations, tips on creating effective questions and how questions relate to divergent and convergent thinking.

Who should attend?

  • All are welcome!
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People interested in improving questioning techniques

Learning Objectives

  • Identify when and why we ask questions
  • Develop effective questions
  • Use prompts when questioning

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Why we ask questions
  • When we ask questions
  • Types of questions
  • Summary

Delivery Options

This workshop can be delivered virtually or in-person. It makes a great learning workshop for an organization’s professional development day, conference, or team-building event. It can be customized to meet your needs.

Duration: 90 minutes

Asking Questions

Asking a lot of questions unlocks learning and improves interpersonal bonding.


The first step in becoming a better questioner is simply to ask more questions. Of course, the sheer number of questions is not the only factor that influences the quality of a conversation: The type, tone, sequence, and framing also matter.