Variety is the Spice(r) of my Business!

You have heard of Variety is the Spice of Life? This week I believe Variety is the Spice(r) of my Business!

Meaning of the expression

According to Oxford Reference, this is a proverbial saying, late 18th century; originally as a quotation from the English poet William Cowper (1731–1800) in The Task (1785): ‘Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour.’

Today, this expression has come to mean “new and exciting experiences make life more interesting.”

A week in review

As I often do on Fridays, I am reflecting on the work I have conducted this week. This routine ensures nothing has been missed, and allows me to prepare for the next week to come.

This week struck me as particularly varied. Take a look at what I have done this week!

  • Delivered a Workplace Etiquette workshop virtually to young students on behalf of Qalipu’s Department of Education & Training
  • Developed a What We Heard Infographic for the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada based on 10 virtual engagement sessions with stakeholders interested in Infilling Activities in the Northwest Arm of Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia
  • Continued supporting a young, new entrepreneur with the development of his business plan
  • Delivered the 3rd of four sessions of Project Management for Service Delivery virtually to public servants across Canada on behalf of Citizen First (ICCS)
  • Became a mentor with Futurpreneur Canada
  • Drafted a strategic plan for Newfoundland and Labrador Housing and Homelessness Network based on our in-person session last week
  • Drafted two engagement surveys for CBDC Humber as we begin working on developing a strategic plan
  • Kicked off a project with Gateway Women’s Centre in Port aux Basques to conduct an evaluation of their new Working Through Domestic Violence program
  • Was offered to be featured on a dedicated in-store sign promoting local women-led businesses this March in celebration of International Women’s Day at Staples in Corner Brook from March 8 to the end of the month
  • Booked time with the Nunatsiavut Government to conduct an action planning session for implementation of recommendations from the Mealy Mountain National Park Reserve Visitor Experience Plan later this month
  • Prepared and delivered my March Newsletter

Meanwhile, various administrative activities such as managing social media, processing expenses, and monitoring my calendar also occurred.

So…what do you do for a living?

As you can imagine, I do still find it difficult to describe what it is that I do. Above all, one thing I can say, is that I absolutely LOVE what I do.

As previously stated, “new and exciting experiences make life more interesting.” Certainly this past week, I can honestly say they do. Therefore, I am sure you will agree, Variety is the Spice(r) of my business! ~ Carole