Hidden Talents

We all have hidden talents. Have you ever wondered what yours are? Mine allow me to be a successful businesswoman.

Each of us is unique

Have you ever wondered what makes you special? It is easy to list off all of our shortcomings. Many of us find it easier to think of our failures rather than our successes. Chances are you have hidden talents you are not even aware of.

When you think of talent do you think of your high school talent show? You know the one. Where youth get up on stage singing, dancing, acting, playing the drums. Yes, those are talents. However, there are many more talents out there.

Talents are different than skills

Skills can be learned and practiced. Talents are natural tendencies we can nurture to flourish and grow. Both take practice. Are you creative? Can you see details others do not see? Do you get excited about numbers? Are you a natural navigator? Perhaps you can be an artist, a photographer, an accountant, or a travel guide!

Getting to talk for a living

My natural confidence in public speaking has led me to a dream job. I get to speak in front of people for a living. My clients can take advantage of my talent to facilitate meetings, events, discussions on a variety of topics. I am comfortable both in-person and virtually. This past weekend, my very first client the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture capitalized on my talent. Once again I was the emcee for the AG Expo in Corner Brook, NL. All weekend I walked around a stadium with a microphone in my hand. I introduced dignitaries, described what was happening in various booths, facilitated a youth cooking demonstration, and much more!

My hidden talents are put to good use every day. What are your hidden talents? Have you put them to good use today? ~ Carole