Supporting small businesses

I was reminded yesterday of the importance of supporting small businesses. Without your support we just would not exist.

An insightful thank you note

Recently my husband made an online purchase from a business in Nova Scotia. When he received his order, the packages were nicely wrapped, and enclosed was a thank you note.

When he showed me the note I was struck about the many statements listed. It was not just a simple thank you for your business. It really summarized the impact his purchase has beyond the monetary value. Of course the handwritten note from Mary was appreciated as well!

They are not the only one!

As you can see, my husband’s purchase was related to his new hobby of rug hooking. Our friends Janis and Roy Evans from The Roost at York Harbour introduced him to the craft. We have made several trips down the Bay of Islands to visit them at their shop. On other occasions we have made purchases online and had the items handed over to us when our paths crossed at various events or times. Janis and Roy also include thank you notes in their purchases.

Just a note to thank you for…

I too, send thank you notes to clients following our work together. My husband wrote thank you notes as a young boy and he instilled the value in our daughters when they were young. All of his notes started with the phrase above. I adopted the phrase on the outside of my cards.

Today I am reflecting on the card my husband received yesterday. I realize that yes, thanking my clients for their business is necessary and sincere. Without their faith in me and my facilitation skills, I would not be successful. However, it is much more as indicated above. Your support means I can compete with “the big guys” and secure contracts. Support for my business is when folks like or comment on my posts on Facebook or LinkedIn. It is when someone emails me a request because someone else gave them my name. Support for my business means I can stay in my small town. It means that I can support other small businesses in my community or region like Janis and Roy’s. So today I thank you. Thank you for supporting small businesses. ~ Carole