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Using my hidden talents to introduce dignitaries

Hidden Talents

October 3, 2022 We all have hidden talents. Have you ever wondered what yours are? Mine allow me to be a successful businesswoman. Each of us is unique Have you

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Turning 55!

September 14, 2022 Today I am turning 55. Thanks to a media campaign years ago, this is the year I am supposed to attain financial freedom. Freedom to do what

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Meaningful Public Engagement

September 1, 2022 Meaningful public engagement can improve success. “A lack of meaningful public consultation set the industry back 10 years in this region.” I heard this statement recently during

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Image of flip charts on a wall during strategic planning session

Strategic Planning for Everyone

July 4, 2022 What do academics, accountants, and authors have in common? They all volunteer for organizations that need strategic planning! Last month I facilitated sessions with organizations representing these

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Spicer Facilitation Logo used for SEO on website

Optimize your SEO!

May 19, 2022 The first time I heard the expression optimize your SEO, I had no idea what it meant. Was this something I need to be concerned about? Yes!

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A group of four women networking at a gala event

Business Networking: Building your network

May 2, 2022 Business networking is establishing mutually beneficial relationships with clients/customers, suppliers, and other like-minded professionals. This critical skill aids you in growing both personally and professionally. Before you

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