Embracing Downtime

2023 has been an exceptionally busy year so far. When it unexpectedly becomes quiet, I find myself challenged to be embracing downtime! Cambridge Dictionary defines downtime as a time when you relax

Engaging Students with Technology

When tasked with engaging students to obtain some feedback, I decided to introduce technology to connect with them on their terms. This past week I visited three high schools in

Speaking French led to a quote

My husband and I have been looking for a quote for a new deck for a couple of years. We have reached out to contractors to no avail. Either no

Making a Move

One of my former managers used to include in her training curriculum, “Children learn pretty quickly if you stand still in a video game you are dead.” The point of

Holiday Mixers

‘Tis the season to attend holiday mixers. On a professional level, there are a lot of reasons why I attend them. A few weeks ago, in the span of 8

Accidental Networking

If chatting socially with a room full of strangers and casual acquaintances makes you anxious, perhaps accidental networking is for you! ‘Tis the season for holiday mixers, socials, and networking

It is an honour to be nominated…truly!

It is an honour to be nominated for an award. To be nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year with two different organizations is amazing! I often wondered When nominees say

Hidden Talents

We all have hidden talents. Have you ever wondered what yours are? Mine allow me to be a successful businesswoman. Each of us is unique Have you ever wondered what

Turning 55!

Today I am turning 55. Thanks to a media campaign years ago, this is the year I am supposed to attain financial freedom. Freedom to do what exactly? Retire? Making

Meaningful Public Engagement

Meaningful public engagement can improve success. “A lack of meaningful public consultation set the industry back 10 years in this region.” I heard this statement recently during a newscast. The