Why saying Yes is often the best decision

February 1, 2022

I have seen the power of why saying yes is often the best decision; both in my personal and professional life. Thirteen years ago today, my husband, our two daughters, and I arrived in Newfoundland and Labrador on the ferry in Port aux Basques.  We had sold our house in Ontario and were moving to Pasadena into a house we bought sight-unseen.  Neither my husband nor I had jobs and our house was not completely built.  Jobless and homeless, we moved in with my parents for what was supposed to be 2 weeks.  It turned into 7!

Image of a woman and a man smiling while saying yes
My husband and I in Bottle Cove, NL, September 2021

Recently I came across a video where a woman stated her life was positively impacted by always saying yes.  It got me thinking…

What would happen if I did not say yes?

I would not be the owner of Spicer Facilitation & Learning today.

If I did not say Yes over 30 years ago, I would not be married to my wonderful husband Tim.  We would not have two beautiful daughters.  If we both did not say Yes, we would not have taken the huge step of leaving Mississauga and move to Pasadena.

Five years ago I was faced with a career shift when my position was eliminated with my former employer. Several people suggested that I start my own business. I took some time to think it over, talk with my family, do some research. I decided to take the risk. On February 18th, 2018, I said Yes and launched my business.

Saying Yes to clients

Over the past four years, I have learned a LOT! I have learned how to run a business. My clients have educated me on a wide variety of topics, issues, and opportunities.

On a few occasions, clients have challenged me by asking, “Can you do XYZ for us?” I might be more of a ABC gal, or a certified LMN provider, yet my first instinct is usually, what the heck is XYZ? Followed by yeah, I can do that.

Next I hop online, do some searching, check out other providers. Generally, I find out that while I may not be an official XYZ gal, I might be highly skilled in Y or know a lot about X. I always trust that I can learn more about Z. Making sure I am transparent, I will go back to my client and tell them that I may not have all of what you are looking for; however, this is what I can do for you. We can learn about the rest together. It has paid off several times for me. Clients have said yes to me, and we have worked well together.

Since moving to Pasadena, in my personal life, I have grown as a person by saying Yes to kayaking, snow shoeing, hiking, meditation and yoga. They help maintain my mental wellness. I have built resilience and have developed self-care strategies to keep me strong both physically and mentally. 

When not to say Yes

While learning why saying yes is often the best decision for me, I have also learned when not to say yes.

In my professional life, if saying yes is going to negatively impact my business, my reputation, or my brand, then it is in my best interests not to do so.

Personally, if saying yes is going to increase stress, make me feel overwhelmed, or cause me harm, then I just do not do it.

As a result, I have discovered setting boundaries is a powerful tool. However, there is always a right time and place.

Over 30 years ago I said Yes. Thirteen years ago I said Yes. Five years ago I said Yes. I truly appreciate why saying Yes is often the best decision.

Do not just take it from me. Learn Five Reasons Why Saying Yes is the Best Decision for Your Career.

How often do you say yes? How is that working for you? Let me know! ~ Carole