Find your people in 2022

January 4, 2022

“If you do nothing else in 2022 – Find your people. I don’t mean your “I am good. How have you been?” people. I mean your “I don’t have to ask because I just know something is wrong” kinda’ people. Not the kinda’ people who once they see you in the trenches, they stand up on the sidelines and ask if you need help. Nope. You want the kinda’ people who will crawl down in there with you. Through the yuck and through the muck. The ones who don’t mind getting dirty, if it means just being by your side.

Those are the kind of people I want you to find.

The ones who, when everything else falls to pieces, and the world is getting loud around you, you want the ones who will help extinguish the fires. Because there’s some who will throw fuel. You want the ones who will love you and stand by you – On the days when you are yourself and on the days when you are not. Because there’s some who will leave. You want the ones who will keep showing up, even when you don’t. The ones who don’t take the unopened text messages personal. Nor do they care if you haven’t made it to the last eighteen invites. Because there are some who will make your escape from life all about them.

The reality is – Life has its ups, and has its downs. You want to find the people who don’t make your friendship a choice through it all – Because they love you anyway. No matter what. So promise me you won’t stop until you find your people. The people who will cause you to look up, smile, and say “You knew I needed them, didn’t you?” It will be the greatest gift you’ll give yourself in 2022. You can trust me on that. Love Always.“

My personal tribe

I received the message above recently from a personal friend who I consider to be one of my people. We belong to a sisterhood of women who gather when we can. When we cannot, we message, call, visit from a distance. We laugh, we cry, we dance and sing (not always well!), we play games, we tease, we eat, and we always have each other’s back when needed.

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My personal tribe (missing two members)!

My professional tribe

I have often talked about the entrepreneur ecosystem. It was something that I was completely unaware of when I started my business almost four years ago. Thankfully, I have been welcomed into the ecosystem. I embrace the learnings from others who have gone before me. They make me question, try, learn, share.

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Entrepreneur Ecosystem Navigate Small Business, Grenfell Campus

Several of my clients have become dear friends. I trust them to give me honest feedback about my service. They teach me, boost me, catch me when I fall, encourage me, they cheer for me.

When you are a sole proprietor, it gets lonely sometimes. I am so grateful for those who have become my trusted advisors.

My most important tribe – my family! 💜

The most important of “my people” are my husband and our two daughters. Of course, that includes Velcro too! They belong to both my personal and professional tribes. They challenge me, they make me laugh, they make me cry, they keep me grounded, they love me.

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My family!

Whoever your people are, find them in 2022! If you are as fortunate as I am, you have found your people; cherish them. I am so grateful for each and every one of my people. Each of them have a piece of my heart. I am a better person because of them. Wishing you and everyone you love, health, happiness, and gratitude in 2022. ~ Carole