You must know a lot of stuff!

November 1, 2021

Inevitably when I describe what I do for a living, many people exclaim, “You must know a lot of stuff!” In actual fact, that is not true. It is my clients that know their stuff. I simply facilitate the knowledge in the room.

Variety is the “Spice”-r of life!

I love what I do. I love my clients. And, I love the variety of topics that I get to learn about. Over the past three years I have facilitated discussions with stakeholders about:

  • Bees, beekeeping and varroa mites in NL
  • Climate change impacts on agriculture industry in NL
  • Post-secondary school funding for Indigenous students
  • Polar bears in the Southern Hudson Bay region
  • Risks to the agriculture industry in NL
  • Amalgamation of Labrador City and Wabush
  • Housing and homelessness in NL
  • Services for youth in Corner Brook area
  • Exploration of oil and gas off the Eastern shores of NL
  • Women in leadership in NL
  • Public sector service delivery across Canada
  • Indigenous tourism in NL
  • Sheep industry in NL
  • Stephenville Airport
  • Workplace respect and violence prevention in NL
  • Cannabis use
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Local environmental issues in NL
  • Affordable housing in Corner Brook area
  • Mental health, self-care
  • Not-for-profit sector in NL
Meeting with Indigenous Leaders on management of the Hudson Bay Region sub-population of polar bears in Montreal, QC

As you can imagine, there is simply no way I can be an expert in such a variety of topics and sectors. I can, however, guide the experts on these topics through structured and productive discussions.

Facilitating knowledge transfer

My role as an independent facilitator is to facilitate knowledge transfer. It may be seeking feedback on behalf of a client to inform decision making. Maybe it is about bringing awareness to a particular topic or issue. Or, it could be sharing viewpoints to improve understanding of others and their positions. No matter the client, no matter the topic, when people leave one of my sessions, they leave with more knowledge than when they entered.

That goes for me too. I have learned so much about topics that I would normally not have an opportunity to learn about. Thank you to my many unique, knowledgeable clients for bringing me in to your projects. If you feel I can assist you or your organization feel free to contact me. Want to know what my clients are saying? Visit my testimonials page. ~ Carole