Customer Service. Good Enough… Really?

September 1, 2021

When it comes to customer service is good enough really enough? Is it just me or has customer service slipped to “good enough”?

My first job was in retail. About three weeks after I started I was “secret shopped”. The head office of the retail chain employed secret shoppers to go to its stores and act as a customer to gauge the level of customer service being provided. I scored quite high on my review. When my manager brought me in to his office to let me know, I remember him saying, “That’s just ’cause you are new. Wait until you are here for awhile.” While we both laughed, I remember thinking why would my level of service slip? If anything, shouldn’t I get better?

My husband and I met at that same retail chain several years later. Previously he worked as a manager in a large retail department store chain. We quickly realized that we shared the same views of customer service. Good enough is not enough. We both worked hard to serve our customers in a timely, and professional manner. As customers now, we are quite cognizant of what represents good service and have high expectations of service providers.

Customer Service Training

During my career I have worked in retail, a call centre, a private sector training company, provincial government and now I am a business owner. In each role, I was fortunate to receive excellent training and resources to enhance and maintain my service skills. From cash handling to telephone etiquette, service skills are essential to ensuring you meet – and sometimes exceed! – customer expectations. In 2014, I earned the Certified Service Manager (CSM) certification with the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service, now known as Citizen First. This designation really supported my career experiences. It is an opportunity to show recognition and professionalize the customer service role. I am authorized to deliver workshops for service managers and front-line professionals based on their Certified Service Manager Body of Knowledge. Visit Workshops & Events for more details.

Upcoming Workshop

Project Management discussion with students at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University

To further support service delivery professionals, I am offering Project Management for Public Service Delivery later this month. Registration is open now! This virtual workshop will provide those in service delivery an opportunity to enhance their skills. You just might make a valuable connection with someone from across the country!

When it comes to customer service, to me good enough is just not enough. It is time to raise the bar when it comes to service. As customers, we deserve it. As a service provider, I strive to deliver it. ~ Carole