My Agriculture Gigs

May 18, 2021

My agriculture gigs tour of Newfoundland and Labrador started off four summers ago. My very first independent consultant project was with the NL Federation of Agriculture (NLFA). I was hired to facilitate public engagement sessions on their Agri-Risk project. It was my first foray into the world of agriculture in this province. Today I completed my 11th project with my 4th organization in the industry!

Public Engagement and Stakeholder Meetings

As mentioned, my first agriculture project was touring the province talking to farmers about risks to the industry. I facilitated 10 sessions with a diverse group of farmers, academics, government employees, and supporters of agriculture.

Consequently, after the initial round of engagement, a follow-up meeting was held in St. John’s to discuss distribution challenges with farmers, grocers, and logistics organizations on behalf of NLFA. Additionally, they hired me to facilitate discussions with cranberry producers and beekeepers in Gander.

As a result of the Gander session, the Newfoundland and Labrador Beekeeping Association (NLBKA) hired me to facilitate stakeholder engagement sessions to discuss the Varroa Mite and their proposed Action Plan to government to continue to protect our bees in this province. Sessions were held in St. John’s and Deer Lake.

This past year, I worked with the climate change coordinator of NLFA to facilitate virtual stakeholder engagement sessions to discuss both negative and positive impacts climate change is having on the industry.

Strategic Planning

Image of agriculture strategic plan
Draft Strategic Plan for SPANL

I have facilitated strategic planning sessions with 4 organizations in the agriculture industry! First up was the aforementioned NLBKA with a session in Corner Brook. Next was Agriculture in the Classroom – NL with a session in Gander. That was the last in-person session prior to March 2020. Virtually, I facilitated 12 stakeholder engagement sessions for the development of the NLFA’s strategic plan. Lastly, just today I sent off the draft plan for the Sheep Producers Association of Newfoundland and Labrador. Once again, virtual was the way to go.

Just for fun!

Being the Emcee of the Agriculture Expo held in Corner Brook is one of my agriculture gigs that makes me smile the most. NLFA hired me twice to basically talk all weekend long on a microphone! I also introduced the dignitaries at the opening ceremony.

Carole interviewing a exhibitor at the AgExpo
On the microphone at Ag Expo – Corner Brook

Who’s Next?

I have met some incredible people working with agriculture organizations since starting my business. Certainly, I consider many of them friends. They are passionate about making a difference in our province. As a result, we are in a better place in our economy, and food security. I love my agriculture gigs! I wonder which organization will hire me next? ~ Carole