Saying Goodbye to Lacey

May 7, 2021

A week ago I was saying goodbye to Lacey. It was not something I had even imagined would happen that day.

Carole holding Lacey in her arms.
Our beautiful Lacey

Lacey had been showing some signs of difficulty breathing for a few days leading up to Friday. My husband and I felt it was best to get her checked out before the weekend. We made an appointment with our vet and off we went. The minute the vet saw Lacey, her face told us it all. I was not prepared. I fell apart. X-rays showed fluid in Lacey’s chest and lungs. So much so, that we couldn’t even see the outline of her heart.

We adopted Lacey from the NL West SPCA in Corner Brook in 2011, one year after adopting her brother Velcro. She was always our “kitten”. Small and fluffy, she was smaller than him. They would generally ignore one another, breaking up the monotony by chasing each other around the house. Every so often, they would curl up peacefully beside one another, quite content with each other’s company.

Velcro and Lacey sleeping on a bed
Velcro and Lacey hanging out in my office

I was allergic to Lacey. She would bite papers on my desk. When I closed my door because I was facilitating a session, she would cry incessantly to get in. She would climb up on my desk, using my leg as a step ladder, multiple times a day, always laying between my arms and my keyboard so that I would have to stop working to pet her. I miss her terribly. She was also so sweet. Her meow was gentle. She was inquisitive. She didn’t drink directly from her bowl of water. Instead she dipped her paw in to the bowl and then licked the water off. She brought so much joy and comfort in to our home in the short 9 years she was with us. The house is quieter without her. Velcro is still crying for her in different rooms of the house. Saying goodbye to Lacey last week was heartbreaking. I am so blessed to have had her in my life. ~ Carole