But Mom, you don’t drink coffee!

May 1, 2021

When my children find out I am headed to a coffee shop, they often wonder why and say, “But Mom, you don’t drink coffee!” I used to drink coffee. A lot. Can I make a confession? I quit drinking coffee in 1989 when I quit smoking. The association between the two vices was too strong. Back then, you could smoke indoors. Almost every night after supper, I would join a group of friends at a coffee shop. We would drink coffee and smoke for hours! We were young enough, and naïve enough to think we could solve all the problems of the world in those few social hours. How I slept so well every night hyped up on tobacco and caffeine is a mystery. On weekends, we shifted to a local bar where smokes and alcohol were the vices. I quit drinking too, when I quit smoking. That’s another story…

I did not realize it at the time but looking back I see it so clearly. There is power in connecting with others. The social benefits are immeasurable. The opportunities to learn about one another, accept our differing viewpoints, disagree in a safe environment, and genuinely connect as individuals is so rewarding. As an entrepreneur, networking is crucial to the success of my business. I rely on word-of-mouth and referrals to gain new clients. Therefore, if I want people to recommend me and my services, they need to get to know me or experience one of my events.


In April, networking for me included:

  • Facilitating two virtual events
  • Attending three virtual events
  • Attending two in-person events
  • Being a guest speaker at a virtual event
  • Connecting with individuals or a small group three times
Entrepreneur Coffee Break – April 15, 2021

Networking is not just about others getting to know me. It is also about connecting others. If someone says to me, “You should talk to…” I immediately ask for an email introduction. I love returning the favour and making introductions for people to others in my network. Last month, I sent off 24 email introductions and received three emails connecting me to new contacts. Two people recommended me to a new client. As a result, two proposals have been sent for consideration. Connections work!

“But Mom, you don’t drink coffee!” is usually followed by, “What do you drink?” My answer? Milk, hot chocolate, or my new vice, Coca-Cola. I guess I feed my addiction with cold caffeine now. 😉 This month I currently have three networking events scheduled. My monthly virtual entrepreneur coffee break is scheduled for May 19th. Register today! If you are interested in connecting, there is still room on my calendar to go for coffee. Send me an invite. I would love to connect. Who knows? Maybe we can solve the problems of the world. ~ Carole