Handwritten Thank You Notes

February 3, 2021

When my husband was a young boy, he sent handwritten thank you notes to his grandparents and aunts and uncles whenever he received a gift. These notes always started with the line, “just a note to thank you for…”. He instilled the same with our daughters who wrote many thank you notes following holiday occasions and their birthdays.

This past Christmas I sent out hand-written cards to my clients and supporters of my business in 2020. After such a year of isolation, the personal touch was needed. The response amazed me! The gesture genuinely moved people.

Arrived today!

I realized that the efforts I made touched me too. Each time I wrote out a card, I remembered the work we did together, or the event we created, and the warm feeling I had at the time. It was a way to revisit the success of 2020 and a way to honour those that supported me.

Last week I decided, that for 2021, I am going to continue generating that warm feeling by sending handwritten thank you notes to clients and supporters this year. I looked at buying stock thank you cards, in purple of course!, but none seem to suit what I was looking for. I sourced several organizations for customizing cards and settled on Canva. Canva is my go-to for developing all my posts, flyers, etc. and this time when I researched their stationery options, I came across folded cards. I borrowed my husband’s phrase, added my brand colour purple, and created the beautiful cards pictured above.

Today, I am sitting down to send out my first thank you note of 2021. I know it won’t be my last. ~ Carole

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