We Are All Connected

Group of University students in a classroom
February 11, 2021

I was reminded today how small the community in Newfoundland and Labrador really is and the fact that truly we are all connected.

This year I am a mentor in the Atlantic Canada Study and Stay Program. My mentee attends Grenfell Campus, Memorial University in Corner Brook. Today, we met online for our first session.

A few minutes in to our conversation he asked, “Did you attend the Environmental Impact Assessment course at Grenfell a couple of years ago?” Yes! It turns out, he was in the class that day. My friend, former colleague and client, Christine Doucet asked me to speak to her class on project management concepts and team-building. This was the first time I did and it was in-person (see photo). Since then, I have spoken to Christine’s class each semester. You can read about this year’s experience on another post.

Group of University students in a classroom
Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, October 2019

Our first session today was about getting to know one another. This young man moved to Corner Brook to attend Grenfell to complete his Masters of Arts in Environmental Policy. He is working on a project to determine if waste from the pulp and paper mill in Corner Brook can run greenhouses.

He is from a small community in Azerbaijan, 20 minutes from the capital city. His small community is not like ours in NL, however. It has over 300,000 people and the nearby capital has over 2 million! We discussed networking today and how to make connections in Newfoundland and Labrador. The fact that we met a couple of years ago, and again today, shows the power of how we are all connected in this province! I am looking forward to our next session. I hope I can help provide guidance to this young man and that he chooses to stay in Newfoundland and Labrador.