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December 2020 Christmas Traditions

November 2020 Why My Brand is Purple

October 2020 Eliminating the Word Should

September 2020 September is the new January

August 2020 Public Engagement in the Virtual Space

July 2020 Happy Canada Day!

June 2020 Digital Fatigue

May 2020 When Things get Back to Normal

“I agree. I think my new normal will look a little different.” ~ Trina Wells, Sunlife Financial

April 2020 It’s Okay not to be Okay

March 2020 Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

February 2020 Celebrating 2 years!

January 2020 Happy New Year!

December 2019 Building Resilience

November 2019 Anxiety and Learning

October 2019 Standing Meetings

September 2019 The Power Nap

August 2019 A Title by Any Other Name

July 2019 Community of Practice

June 2019 Service Delivery Excellence

May 2019 Laughter in the Workplace

“I loved reading that article. I use humour during my sessions and people frequently comment positively on it.” ~ Janet Haines, City of Vancouver

April 2019 Public Speaking Tips

March 2019 Effective Meeting Time Management

February 2019 What’s Your Learning Style?

January 2019 The Value of a Meeting Agenda

December 2018  The Power of Networking

November 2018 Being a Project Manager

October 2018 Training vs. Learning

“Love the latest newsletter! The concept of training vs. learning really reflected how I feel. #eyeopener” ~ Sue Ann Tilley, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

September 2018 What is Facilitation?

August 2018 Strategic Planning

July 2018 Virtual Learning

June 2018 Mind Mapping

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