Meeting Management & Facilitation

Spicer Facilitation

facilitates success by helping people, governments, and organizations to connect, build relationships, and achieve desired outcomes together.

AgriRisk Discussions, Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture

Agriculture. Tourism. International Education. Heritage. Entrepreneurship. Climate Change. Respectful Workplaces. Food Security.  Mental Health.  Post-Secondary Education.

Bringing stakeholders together to discuss a topic requires managing expectations, defining outcomes, and channeling the passion of the participations to be productive.

Chairing a meeting while trying to contribute is very difficult. Yet, many organizations find themselves in that very position.  A facilitator can guide the meeting, adhere to the agreed-upon agenda, and manage difficult conversations allowing you to fully and freely contribute.  Carole is able to capture the essence of the conversation and provide a report to the client if desired.

Carole is skilled at protecting the dignity of all participants.  She can be firm when necessary and knows when to allow discussions to ebb and flow.  She connects easily with people and often shares stories and anecdotes to help participants relate to the topic at hand. Her sense of humour often puts folks quickly at ease.

Carole is able to create a space for respectful dialogue, even when participants have very diverse and differing viewpoints!

The first time I met Carole was at a meeting between Newfoundland Cranberry Growers and the NLBKA. I was kinda taken back at first on how this lady took charge of the room. Carole was stern, however gentle, and kept the flow of the meeting very positive. Carole is very good at connecting people with people. Carole connected us with three very important business contacts which turns out very valuable to our business venture. Thank you Carole and look forward to our next meet.
Lee Harvey
Owner, Cormack Bee Company